Oore-ofe A. Ariyo

This is a subject matter which is very crucial and essential in all spheres of relationships–both with God as well as with our fellow human beings. The two key words “humility”, “service” have never ever been aliens or strangers to each other but are rather inseparable independent companions. They ‘walk’ hand-in-hand and ‘work’ unitedly alongside each other. It’s really an unimaginable aberration or absurdity to exhibit one while denying the other, ignoring it or relegating it to the background. You can’t be humble without serving God and others. On the other hand, any service rendered outside the realm of humility is virtually meaningless and unacceptable–at least before God.

Humility is the essence and, of course, very strong motivation for true, real and worth-while service in any capacity. It makes you take the risk to serve even when there is apparently no reward in view—whether immediate or later reward. You can’t…

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